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Our brand name HISASHI  meaning the applicability of our products to people from all age groups and long life . Our products are user-friendly and ergonomically designed, providing our customers maximum relaxation. HISASHI is the First choice of Massage chairs when you want to buy your massage chairs . Because we are professional leading manufacturer of electronic massage products and fitness appliances. It occupies with more excellent technicians and skillful workers.HISASHI – Massage chairs under control by HISASHI INTERNATIONAL  PTY LTD. We are specialized in developing and manufacturing deluxe massage chairs, massage cushions, Fitness equipment , etc..

HISASHI INTERNATIONAL  P/L supplies most exciting, innovative and relaxing furniture, quality massage products, sleep systems, beauty products, home products, car window tint and accessories using the latest and greatest technology available with some of our products  being currently in Europe and USA.

Our products range from 20 different models of massage chairs, over 10 models different of massage sleeping bed, 8 different models of Jade massage bed, slimming creams, slimming massage belt , fitness equipment , Slim N’ lift pant , slimming suit underwear, Wonderful bra, sauna belt, sauna pants, eyes massage, beauty and health equipment, home use equipment. We are also professional car window tint and car and accessories.

We offer easy interest free payment plans, so you can enjoy the product before worrying about the payment.Up to one year interest free with no deposit and an instant delivery after the purchase approval. We are so sure that our products are of high quality that we also have ‘rentals’ if you ever want to try out our equipment at home before buying it. For more details on this please contact us.  So why go to those who buy products at our selling prices when you could cut out the middle man and come straight to us. Come to our showroom today for these great benefits! 



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